Special dietary needs just shouldn’t put flavour, texture and experience on the back burner, and restaurateur France knows it. So when he saw that gluten-intolerant cookie lovers simply weren’t getting the food they loved the way they loved it he was inspired to find a way to develop a solution for them.

So what luck for France to meet food and recipe authority David at a friend’s birthday party! Both soon discovered their shared passion for nutrition, flavour and authenticity, and an all-round attitude that where there’s a will, there’s a way.As you suspected, a great foodie partnership was born!

Now working together as The Food Crafters, France and David have brought the care and craftsmanship of artisanal foods into the world of special dietary requirements. True to who they are, France and David aren’t satisfied by just creating new recipes and sharing amazing new versions of much-loved traditional foods – they want to share as much information as possible with you, so we hope you’ll take few minutes to read more about why this particular food is so special.