The Food Crafters cookies are slow-baked in small, individual batches right here in Australia using carefully sourced, mostly local real food ingredients. We hope you’ll enjoy the distinctive chewy and kibbly texture! And don’t forget to eat the crumbs!

Ahh the perfect ginger & date cookie. It’s sweet…but not too sweet – and we spent months getting the delicate balance between the dates and the subtle coconut undertone just right.

Our friends and family had to try so many versions. Here’s how they like it best – a cup of freshly poured, steaming hot aromatic tea, a moment of reflection and close your eyes for that first bite.

Buckwheat, Date (19%), Coconut Oil, Honey, Walnut, Coconut, Blackstrap Molasses, Bi Carb Soda (Aluminium free), Ginger, Cinnamon, Natural Fibre, Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla, Natural Caramel, Stevia.

Low sugar
High fibre
Good fats
Free From
Gluten, Dairy
Egg, Soy
Processed sugar & alcohol sugars

Mini Cookies

RRP $9.90 on line $8.50

50g Cookies

RRP $45.00 online $34.50

We have combined these ingredients to help create a holistic approach to snacking. With the righty amount of fibre the carbohydrates, natural sugars and protein are absorbed at a slower rate, keeping you satisfied for longer.

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