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Baking Cookies We Can All Enjoy!

Christmas is a great time for baking cookies, they make an excellent gift…for most but not all. Food allergies are more common now than in grandma’s day, and despite our best intentions cookies crafted with love and gluten could cause more harm than happiness. You might think the solution is to fashion a cookie from gluten free ingredients, but this is easier said than done—to create a cookie that has great taste and texture is a skill, one which the food crafters master well..Read More 

Mastering the gluten-free diet
Dieting trends come and go, but one that is here to stay is the removal of gluten from all things yummy. While only one in 70 suffer from coeliac disease, a whopping 30% of Australians are reducing their intake of gluten by choice due to the benefits this brings to their digestive systems (goodbye bloating!) However, as with all good things in life, the gluten free diet comes with its downfalls. Dietitian and culinary nutritionist for The Food Crafters and Healthy Home Cafe, Caroline Trickey shares her tips for how to make the most of wheat-free eating. 
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Despite its popularity, the “gluten-free diet” is not always synonymous with “healthy”

Dietitian and culinary nutritionist for gluten-free company The Food Crafters and Healthy Home Cafe, Caroline Trickey says, “Many gluten-free products contain ingredients that are high GI and have empty calories. Shoppers need to look closely at the labels on their food and determine the nutritional integrity of a product before adding it to the trolley.”

Caroline shares her top tips to master gluten-free eating, without adding empty calories.Read More

We tracked down three GF products that taste amazing.

Specialising in healthy cookies, which are gluten-free and made from delicious ingredients like honey, coconut and buckwheat, The Food Crafters have created the perfect treat for people suffering from a wide range of food allergies. Owners of The Food Crafter’s, France and David, have sourced natural and healthy Australian ingredients that meet the trifecta of dietary requirements, nutrition and taste.

Try the ginger and date cookie, it’s like Christmas in a cookie.Read More